Your donation will help a woman and her children have a better future, starting today

                         $25 donation 
                                      I will fund a gas card to a woman who otherwise would not have                                                      transportation to and from work, school, and appointments.

                         $30 donation
                                      I will fund one week of diapers and wipes for a child in need.

                         $50 donation 
                                      I will help feed a mother and her children for 1 week.

                         $75 donation
                                      I will fund repairs or maintenance of a woman's vehicle so she can
                                      have a safe, reliable car for her and her children.

                         $100 donation 
                                       I will fund much needed medical care for a mom and her children.

                         $200 donation 
                                      I will cover the electric bill at the transition house for 1                                                                     month, providing cooling and heating needs for women                                                                 and children residing there.

                         $350 donation 
                                     I will cover 1 month of the mortgage at the Samaritan Inn 
                                     providing shelter for women and children.